Zsoil 2011 Student

Zsoil 2011 Student 11.06

offering a unified approach to numerical simulation of soil and rock mechanics
11.06 (See all)
Zace Services Ltd.

Nonlinear small and large displacements. Axi-symmetric, Plane strain, and 3D drivers offering single and 2-phase analyses, with any combination of the following algorithmic options:
- Automatic evaluation of initial stress conditions including steady state flow: combination of gravity and initial-stresses allows an automatic reproduction of the most complex initial state conditions, including existing constructions.
- Stability analysis: through C-phi reduction and stress level algorithms lead to a reliable assessment of safety factors and failure surfaces for the most general problem geometries. Simpler and more general than usual sliding surface approaches.
Possibility to analyze safety with respect to local material properties or features like contact surfaces.
- Ultimate load analysis and deformation analysis.
- Prestress conditions (anchors).

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